The MIVA limited company was established in 1994 for the purposes of the gas manufacture business. Throughout next years we extended a variety of products in technical devices and materials for construction of the water supply systems, sewer systems and technical devices of the buildings plus the bathroom furniture.

We also perform a professional service of the automatic welders, implements and accessories for the piping from the plastic materials of the FRIATEC, OMICRON and PLASTMONT companies.

As a part of own production we offer the products from the plastic materials PE, PP, PVC in following variety of products: watermetre shafts and inspection chambers, filling stations, grease and oils traps, water catchers, atypical impounds, troughings, covers etc.

We also offer specialized works: realization STL and NTLbranch lines, boring works of steel and plastic pipings for various medias without dead plate and leakage of such media.

For our costumers we provide the full service. Our intention is permanent contentment of all our customers.

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